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A unique experience in travel, education, and community living, designed for the high school student, conducted by trained personnel.

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This Section Might Answer Any Questions You May Have

A parent’s written request to the Tour Director is required for a tour member to be allowed to leave the group to visit with an adult friend or adult relative. Specific information must be given; i.e., date, time, place, person, and relationship. The member must return prior to curfew. No overnight permission will be granted except to visit with parents. Leaving the group will be permitted only during free time, not during group or planned activities. 

Parent’s written request, sent to Winston-Salem Grand Western Tours, 330 Bluff Lane, Salisbury, NC 28146, must be received prior to the trip leaving. A telephone call or faxed permission in lieu of written permission is not acceptable.

You’ll find, below, some information regarding the hotels.

Hotel Managements require the Following:

  • Mini-bars in students’ rooms will be locked.
  • Pay-TV shows and movies must be paid for on the night before checkout at the hotel desk.
  • Long distance telephone calls may not be made from rooms, but long distance calls may be received in rooms. Calls may be made in the lobby of all hotels.

Checkout Policy

On the night before checkout, tour members must clear with the hotel cashier any charges incurred for telephone calls, food service, cleaning service, TV movies, etc., as these hotel room service charges are not covered by the price of the tour. Most hotels charge for all telephone calls made from guests’ rooms. Using lobby phones can save a great deal of money.  

Questions Most Often Asked

Will we get a list of the tour group?
Yes. A list will be distributed at the Buffet Supper.

What size suitcase is suggested?
Luggage must be limited to one suitcase no larger than 30” high, 20” wide, 12” deep, (NOT A DUFFEL BAG)

How much may I carry on the bus?
A light jacket, handbag, the carry-on bag furnished by Winston-Salem Grand Western Tours to place in the overhead rack in the bus, and a very light blanket and pillow.

Will we have shopping time?
Shopping time will be allowed whenever possible in large cities and resorts. Members will be allowed to shop in groups of three or more. They will not always be accompanied by staff members but will be given a limited amount of time, a time to return, and instructions as to where to go, also how to return to the bus or place of lodging.

What is the best way to carry money?
The tour provides many meals, as specified in the itinerary. The amount of money to take for other meals and for personal spending is left to individual discretion. Many people are using debit or credit cards.

What if my child requires a special diet, such as gluten free or lactose intolerant?
Please contact Ken and he will supply you with instructions on contacting restaurants to provide a meal to meet your child’s food needs.

How will we launder our clothes?
Nearly all stops will have facilities available so that clothes may be washed and dried during free time.

Where can we put soiled clothes?
A plastic laundry bag or plastic pillow cover is good for this.  

How will I get to know other people on the trip?
We will have seating charts on the bus and roommates will be assigned for each stop – usually four to a room. Assignments will be varied as much as possible to encourage making new friends.

How are room assignments made?
Our experience has proven that the fairest method is "the luck of the draw". Rooming lists will change at every stop to ensure tour members have the opportunity to get to know each other. The students are pre-registered in all hotels.

May I bring a favorite DVD to be shown on the bus?
Yes. DVDs will be shown from time to time on long drives. You will have to be responsible for your own DVD. Each one should be marked with your name.

Should all my belongings be marked with my name or number?
Yes. Mark all your belongings with at least your assigned number.  

Please note: Concerning jewelry, we recommend that valuables not be taken on the trip.  

How should mail be sent to me?
After referring to hotel list, mail should be addressed as follows:

  • Winston-Salem Grand Western Tours
  • Name of Tour Member
  • Name of Hotel
  • Address of Hotel
  • Tour Arrival Date


We hope the information provided will be helpful to you. We remain available if you have any questions.  

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